By Antonio Romero.

You can count on Antonio Romero for lectures at conventions or at your localclub.

The lecture revolves around cutting-edge parlor and close-up magic, combining theory and novel ideas.

Including insight on routining, handlingspectators, structure, and putting an act together.

  • Antonio Romero Hold Out: Uses and handling.

  • Rope routine: A practical and commercial effect with a kick ending.

  • The Chewing Gum: A blockbuster routine with information on handling spectators on stage.

  • The map: A clever solution to predict a freely selected city.

  • The Newspaper tear: The most practical version of this classic.

  • The Transparent Cups and Balls: A surprising and subtle routine with clear glasses devised in 1985, published in 1991 and they still talk about it.

  • Card tricks performed hundreds of times: Gambler vs. Magician, The Two Jokers, Card to Wallet, Helicopter Production, Four in One...

  • New Coin Sleights and routines: An-Ping-Tonio-Chien, the Yin and the Yan, Multiple Vanish