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Antonio Romero Hold Out - ARHO

Would you like to easily perform Visual, High impact effects?

"Now you can get a tool that will allow you to transform a mere trick into a true miracle"

Get ready to easily master the amazing HOLD OUT magic.

Romero Hold Out is the Winner




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Finally, a truly effective gimmick that makes performing high impact effects in front of real audiences possible.

Easily master the magic of the HOLD OUT thanks to a revolutionary system that changes a powerful tool into something new and exciting.The ARHO (Antonio Romero Hold Out) is a powerful weapon that allows you to perform productions, vanishes and loads in a simple and surprising way, allowing you to show your hands empty before and after the effect.

Thanks to its special design, it really easy and comfortable to use. You can activate and deactivate it in an instant, at any moment during your performance.

Detailed and thorough instruction included in a two hour video. And, as a final surprise: How to use the ARHO without a jacket!

The ARHO incorporates a system that eliminates the need of hooking to the wrist, enabling you to fix it on your arm. This feature makes it truly practical and comfortable, with the potential to become an essential element in your magical performances.

Here is a series of videos for the ARHO

More Videos

The new adjustment system makes this a simple task.

The Hold Out was originated by card hustlers to add or subtract cards in a game. Jack Miller developed the concept further and devised a system using a counterweight and a clip that allowed him to do miraculous vanishes and productions.

* The classic Hold Out, however, has its drawbacks. The arms are cramped and ltheir movement is limited. The handling requires keeping the arms close to the body and making excessively broad movements, therefore limiting its functions.

* After years of study, hard work and countless tests, Antonio Romero has created ARHO, that eliminates all the restrictionsthe classic Hold Out had and simplifies its handling.  

Contents DVD


-        History and Evolution of the Hold Out

-        Advantages of the ARHO

-        Handling
-        Learning how to operate the ARHO from the start. Vanish and reappearance of a lighter. Vanishing a Coin. Multiple Coin Vanish.

-        Card to Wallet
-        Quadruple Joker Transformation - Card Switches
-        The Frozen Deck
-        The Color-Changing Knives - Double and Triple Change
-        The Antenna
-        The Color-Changing Silk - The ARHO and the dye-tube
-        Vanishing a Large Silk
-        Triple Silk Vanish
-        Visual Cut and Restored Rope

Other Applications
-        Vanishing a Cigarette, Rose to Confetti, Vanishing a Watch and a Cell Phone, Production of a Deck of Cards, and more.

Antonio Romero Hold Out Plus
-        A revolutionary use of the ARHO on a horizontal plane like the gambling Hold Outs. Includes Coin to Bill, Vanishing Coins (in the hand, on the table, from an Okito Box, or from a matchbox). Color Changes, and more.

-        Changing the Threads

-        A Tool for Life