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Transparent Cups - download -

"Antonio breaks new ground in close-up magic. What a fabulous idea"
Arturo de Ascanio

"In my lifetime, I've seen some of the greatest "CUPS N BALL" routines performed by Dai VernonMike AmmarJohn ThompsonCharlie Miller, Johnny Paul and the many others with brilliant routines and moves & sleights. Antonio's routine is smashing and completely blew me away! You don't need an expensive set of cups for the cups and balls routine! Antonio has simplified it and oh how he has done it!"
Joe Stevens

Length 46 minutes

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Even if you don't want to do a full three cups routine you could easily boil this down to a stunning single cups routine. You could also do this with a bit of preparation impromptu if you have sponge balls on you. Borrow three transparent cups, wrap a paper around it and off you go. The possibilities are endless.

Antonio performs and explains the routine silently with a voice over in English by Rafael Benatar.

length 46 minutes