Plastic Maximize


A signed selected card is found to be laminated and in an impossible location, and is given to a spectator as a souvenir. An ideal climax.

You can also do the aminated business card, an ideal introduction to a potential new customer.

And more effects.

The load is instantaneous.

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You receive a custom-made wallet for making the load, along with 25 refills.

More effects are possible

Laminted Business Card: you ask someone for his business card and, in a flash, you bring out your own business card laminated together with his, and give it away

ID PredictionThe latest in mentalism. A spectator calls a number, a country or a name. You produce a laminated Magician's ID card with your personal information and a prediction that proves right. The ID card is given away as a souvenir.
The package includes the magician ID cards especially designed for this effect. 

The package includes an instructional video CD and 25 refills.

Can be done with bills, credit cards or other cards.