La magia de Antonio Romero

· Coin: El Yin y el Yan, An-Ping -Tonio-Chien
· Cards: Aparición Lanzada, Interludio Cromático, Aparición              Helicóptero, Tres en una, El Tahúr contra el
             Mago, Los Ases Japoneses.
Los Cubiletes Transparentes

· La Cuerda, el Periódico, el Líquido, el Mapa, el Chicle.

Available in Spanish and in French


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With a foreword by ARTURO DE ASCANIO!

Over ten years of professional performances is condensed in this book, with detailed explanations of the most effective magic. An original book with a great variety of new ideas with powerful impact. Dozens of illustrations make the learning process much easier. A useful book for the amateur as well as for the professional. Full of stage magic and close up magic. Practical, effective and beautiful magic.

Arturo de Ascanio

A stunning routine of unique originality, the cups and balls with clear glasses breaks new ground in close-up magic. What an idea! How wonderful the solutions!

Rafael Benatar

The effects are as practical for the amateur as for the pros. Furthermore, all of them as a whole contain a theoretical message, an approach to magic, whose study will influence the rest of your repertoire directly or indirectly.

Miguel Gómez

The quality of the material in this book is of the highest caliber. Everything, absolutely everything, has been analyzed, tried out, revised, assesed and supported by hundreds of public performances. The best methods and the best solutions.

Joaquín Navajas

The book you now hold is already a modern classic of the best magic that stands the test of time. Its pages contain MAGIC with capital letters, intelligent magic, pure magic. It's very difficult to find a book of such high quality and at the same time so commercial.