The transparent card stab

Many effects possible, for stage or close–up, including the stabbed thought-of card.

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20,00 €

1. Stabbed coincidence: A deck shuffled by the spectator is wrapped in plastic wrap. A card is selected from another deck. A spectator pushes a knife into the wrapped deck and the card at the stab point matches the selected card.

2.Stabbing any card: A spectator names a card. Another spectator stabs a deck that is wrapped in plastic, and does so exactly at the point where the card named lies. 

3. Stabbed transposition: A wrapped deck is handed to a spectator. From another deck, a card is selected, signed, and shuffled back into the deck. The spectator stabs the wrapped deck with a knife. The deck is divided at the stab point and the signed card is found right there.

The routines described may be performed close-up while sitting at a table or also standing, even on stage, allowing for a wide variety of presentations. The tricks are angle-proof and their impact is strong and direct.