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AR Marker

This new gimmick will allow you to perform an incredible production of markers with a startling ending.

The gimmick will enable you to make markers disappear and reappear in a most simple and magical way.

This gimmick, introduced in 2009 at the renowned FFFF convention with a huge success.


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60,00 €

You will also be able to make a marker travel from one hand to the other. The doors to your creativity are wide open.

Antonio Romero has created is much more than a trick;it's a new system that will take you as far as you want in performing magic with markers

Is practical, easy to use, and 
equally effective for the stage of for close-up. The kit includes a marker that you can use throughout your show for writing anything or to have cards signed. For a kick ending, a signed card comes out of the cap of the marker